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18th Mar 2019

Haribo Starmix bags don’t contain enough gummy bears and we’re shocked

Jade Hayden

Shocking news this afternoon.

You may recall a few weeks ago that we provided you with the definitive ranking of Haribo Starmix jellies. 

Love hearts emerged victorious with fried eggs following closely behind in second place. Unsurprisingly, gummy bears brought up the rear as the worst jelly included in a bag of Haribo Starmix.

And with good reason.

They’re garbage.

The lads over at Haribo don’t seem to care about that though because, for years, they’ve been including a disproportionate amount of gummy bears in each Starmix packet.

But how do you know for sure? you cry.

Isn’t that just an urban legend? you whine.

No, it’s not, because the lads over at Magnet actually went and opened up 100 bags of 190g Haribo Starmix and literally counted the 5,738 sweets they found.

Dedication to the bit, clearly.

They found that the average bag of Starmix contains 22 gummy bears, 11 rings, 8 cola bottles, 9 love hearts, and a measly 7 fried eggs.


The guys also crunched the numbers and figured out which sweet you’re more likely to grab when you shove your hand in there.

Surprise, surprise – it’s the gummy bear again.


You have the highest chance of grabbing a gummy bear – as they make up 38 percent of the bag.

There’s a one in five chance of picking out a ring, a 16 percent chance of grabbing a heart and a 14 percent chance of choosing a cola bottle.

The fried egg comes in the unfortunate last place with only a one in eight chance of picking it out of a pack.