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02nd May 2017

Grab your avocados – there could be a shortage on the way

Anna O'Rourke

Everyone remain calm.

We basic bitches here at Her Towers are big avocado fans, so the latest news update on the fruit has knocked us for six.

It’s been reported that there may be an avocado shortage on the horizon.

Yes, we’re still reeling from the recent hummus crisis (we really are basic) and now we could be looking at an avocado crisis due to reduced harvests of the crop.

Increased global demand and a lower yield of avocados in Mexico, Peru and California have driven up their price, the BBC has reported.

California’s production is expected to be down 44 per cent this year, while flooding in Peru has also negatively affected the country’s crop forecast.

A 10 kilo box of Hass avocados from Mexico now costs $27.89 – more than double the price of last year.

So there you are – either part with a load of cash or go without your fix.

What a sorry state of affairs.