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07th Nov 2018

Tesco will be selling GIN infused salmon soon and holy mother of God

Jade Hayden

gin infused salmon

Hook it to our veins.

Salmon is delicious.

It’s tasty, it’s good for you, its’a nice colour – ticks all the boxes, to be honest.

But imagine if salmon could be better. Imagine if it contained another ingredient that has captured the imagination of the public.

Imagine it was infused with gin. 

Well, it is now and you’re welcome because you will be able to buy gin infused salmon in Tesco this Christmas and yeah, we’ll be throwing crates of this stuff into our trolleys.

The special salmon will be available in Tesco Ireland stores as part of their finest* selection this festive season.

The Gunpowder Irish Gin and the handpicked Irish fresh Atlantic salmon will come together to create a foodstuff that is not only delicious, but also provides the crisp, cool bite of a classic G&T.

A staple of any Christmas dinner, in fairness.

Fresh category director of Tesco Ireland, Joe Manning, said:

“Combining both partners, the recipe has been tried and tested to ensure that we’ve created a signature fresh, a rounded flavourful dish which is sure to be a real centerpiece on the dining tables of Ireland this Christmas.”

The salmon will be available to buy in stores from early December.

Prices have yet to be announced but honestly, just take all of our money because this stuff sounds divine.