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17th May 2018

This genius little hack will keep your wine chilled without ice

This will come in handy this season

Trine Jensen-Burke

Sipping white wine in the garden is pretty much what summer is all about, no?

But nothing can put a damper on your cocktail (wine) hour like realising you forgot to put the bottle in the fridge earlier, and are now looking at either drinking your glass of white lukewarm – or having to resort to ice cubes, which will then melt and make your drink all watery – yuck.

Well, fear not; we have found just the trick for you to make sure that your wine is perfectly chilled within seconds – no ice needed.

All you need is to keep a few frozen grapes in your freezer.

Why, you ask? Well, come wine-o-clock, you simply plop a few ice cold grapes into your room temperature Pinot Grigio and voila; it will be crisp, cold and oh-so-delicious in no-time.

According to Purewow, this little hack works because unlike a lot of other fruits, grapes have skin that is strong enough to make sure the liquid inside it don’t leak out into your drink to dilute it.

Oh, and do you know what makes this trick even better? Once you have downed your wine, you can snack on the grapes at teh bottom of your glass.