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16th Apr 2017

If you have this food in your fridge you’re DEFINITELY posh, apparently

Laura Holland

Some of these are very specific.

You can tell a lot about someone from their fridge, apparently. Well, that’s what the folks at Tatler seem to think. They’ve made a list of foods that can determine if someone is posh.

The first thing on the list is a ‘thing with a face’, more specifically pheasant or fish which has been caught after a day out hunting.

Next on the list is tonic, in particular a bottle that has gone flat. They reckon it shows that a posh person once used it and forgot about it but doesn’t keep a regular stock in the fridge, but rather in a cellar or drinks tray.

Also on the drinks side of things, posh people tend to store Champagne in the fridge, which is the exception to the drinks rule. Having a cooled bottle at the ready for a celebration proves your posh.

The next points are all about leftovers with small bowls containing scraps of food a dead obvious giveaway that a person is posh. Like a small bit of cheese or ‘yellowing milk’. Mmmm, delightful.

I don’t suppose leftover Chinese takeaway comes in here? No, didn’t think so.

Also on their list are paté, fish sauce, berries that have been picked from the garden and small pieces of parmesan.

So, how posh are you?