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07th Apr 2021

Ferrero Rocher ice cream is happening this summer

Mr Ambassador, you are really spoiling us.

Summer 2021 is really shaping up to be the season of great food mashups

A few days ago, for instance, Nestlé unveiled their latest creation: Zebra Kitkats.

Oreo, meanwhile, teamed up with Lady Gaga for some Chromatica themed cookies.

Then, last month, Baileys announced a new limited edition piña colada Irish cream.

As it turns out, the great food experiment continues, and the latest offering from Ferrero Rocher has us watering at the mouth.

That’s right, the folks behind the luxurious hazelnut chocolate have launched a brand new ice cream range.

Indeed, lovers of the Rocher will be able to indulge in three flavours – classic, dark and white Rafaello.

The classic ice cream – which will be served on a stick, like your standard Magnum – will be milk chocolate in flavour with swirls of the signature Ferrero Rocher throughout. The dark chocolate option – naturally – will be the same, but will use dark chocolate ice cream as its base.

Additionally, those partial to coconut can enjoy the Rafaello edition, which will be flavoured with coconut and white chocolate.

Each ice cream will be coated in delicious hazelnut chocolate.

The Instagram account, NewsFoodUK shared the good news with Ferrero fans across the pond.

The food blogger posted a snap of the new range, saying: “Confirmed!! Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream Sticks are coming to the UK this summer.”

Ferrero Rocher recently told Confectionery Production that they were working on a roll out of their latest ice cream range.

Consumers in France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Italy can get their hands on the ice cream and the UK is expected to be next.

While we can’t say when they’ll be released here, we will indeed be keeping our ear to the ground for their arrival on Irish shores.