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26th Mar 2018

Coke Zero has launched a brand-new flavour and we’re not sure about it

Available in 500ml bottles.

Gillian Fitzpatrick

diet coke

There have been some intriguing varieties of Coke over the years.

Cherry being a well-known limited-edition offering – but also the likes of raspberry, vanilla, and even ginger.

Now it has just been announced that another alternative flavour is en route to Ireland… namely a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Peach.


“Bursting with smooth, fruity flavours, the cheeky new addition to the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar family comes just in time for summer. 

“It’s a new tasty reason to try a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and right now it is hitting the shelves of your favourite nationwide retailers across the country,” the company said in a statement.

 It added: “Since launching Coca-Cola Zero Sugar we’ve enjoyed introducing an explosion of new flavours to the range.

“We’re excited to provide our current fans and those who are looking for something new to try a new additional flavour, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Peach. It’s a great tasting drink, refreshing and contains no sugar.”

The peach variety will only be available in 500ml bottles.

Last year, folk were in a serious panic when it emerged that Coke Zero might be scrapped altogether.; it was widely reported that a new sugar-free Coke drink would replace it and production would be ceased.

However, it later transpired that the situation only applied to Australia and that – thankfully! – the change wouldn’t affect us here in Ireland.

At the time, a representative for Coca-Cola confirmed:

“The story refers to the Australian market only and there are no plans to replace Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in Ireland.”