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23rd Oct 2021

Cinnamon rolls baked in a waffle maker might just be our favourite new food trend

cinnamon roll waffles

I think I am genetically hardwired to be obsessed with all things cinnamon.

I blame my Scandi roots for this. I mean; in my native Oslo – just like in any other city or town in Norway – and Sweden and Denmark for that matter – you can go into any bakery, no matter how small, and always, always find a variety of cinnamon buns. We love the stuff.

However, having seen this now-viral Instagram video by Danish influencer Frederikke Wærens posted on Instagram, I might never eat regular cinnamon rolls again – because this version, made in a waffle maker – just looks so utterly delicious.

And the best part? it could not be simpler to make:


Se dette innlegget på Instagram


Et innlegg delt av Frederikke Wærens (@frederikkewaerens)

Wærens writes:

“I’m never eating normal cinnamon rolls after I’ve tried cinnamon waffles! Omg so crispy and delicious! You simply just make the dough, roll it into cinnamon rolls, let the dough rise and then bake the cinnamon rolls for a couple of minutes in a waffle iron. Link in bio for my cinnamon roll recipe.”

Hands up who are trying these immediately?