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22nd Mar 2017

This café has banned ALL dairy products (and they want everyone to know why)

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Avoiding dairy is the latest trend in health, but one London café has banned it completely… and they want everyone to understand the reasons why.

The Field’s Beneath Cafe in London’s Kentish Town has posted a notice informing customers that from next week on, they will no longer be serving cow’s milk.

The sign reads:

This is the last week we shall be buying, steaming and pouring cow’s milk into our espressos. We have the following alternatives:
OAT milk will be charged at the same price as cow’s milk, the others at 30p more as we’ve always done.

To explain their decision, the team recommend watching a YouTube video called ‘DAIRY IS F**KING SCARY! The industry explained in five minutes’ by Erin Janus.

In the video, Erin explains that, like other mammals, cows only lactate when they have a baby to feed, so the dairy industry inseminates cows over and over again from the age of about 12 months so they keep making milk.


The campaigner reminds viewers there are hundreds of plant-based sources of calcium and protein to choose from so, despite what most of us have been raised to believe, dairy is not essential to the human diet.

The video has racked up 1.7m views on YouTube but be warned; it makes for disturbing viewing.

Images: The Field’s Beneath/Facebook 

We got in touch with the National Dairy Council to ask them their views on this divisive issue;

“Ireland is recognised globally for the high quality of our pasture-based farming with a number of milk quality programmes being rolled out by organisations such as Teagasc and Animal Health Ireland. Combined with Ireland’s moderate climate, our rainfall creates vibrantly green grasslands where our herds are free to graze for more than 300 days a year. Suggestions of ‘cruel’ is by no means reflective of the high quality of dairy farming that exists in Ireland or the basic quality standards accepted for quality and regulatory compliance’s”.