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12th Apr 2018

This bride had a bouquet of doughnuts for her wedding and it looked delish

ALL the yes

We love this idea.

There are lots of unusual and funky wedding trends these days, and while many brides stick to traditional concepts, others steer clear of them.

From colourful wedding dresses, to food trucks and wearing wellies, a new lease of life has been brought in to weddings over the past few years.

However, we’ve never seen someone go as non-traditional with a flower bouquet as this.

Paige from Sydney had a bouquet of delicious, fluffy doughnuts to walk down the aisle with, and we honestly couldn’t think of anything better.

With sprinklings of powdered sugar, the bride and her bridesmaids were all given the bouquets before leaving to go to the ceremony… and they all seemed pretty happy about it.

Paige told the BBC, “Everyone thought it was hilarious, and the venue couldn’t believe it.”

However, we were sad to learn that nobody actually ate the doughnuts afterwards (if it was us, they’d be gone before we even arrived at the church).

Would you fancy this on your big day?

Image: Dessert Boxes Instagram