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08th Apr 2018

This bakery’s brownies are specifically designed to alleviate period pain

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Denise Curtin

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Moon Cycle bakery located in Washington believes they have found the cure to alleviate PMS and those sugar cravings all in one. Success.

Dedicating the bakery to fighting period pain and that “time of the month”, founder Devon Loft offers a special sweet treat delivery service to combat all those temperamental hormones every month.

Introducing the period brownie. Devon has created this specific sweet treat with no refined sugar and added nutrients such as anti-inflammatory boron, magnesium, matcha, ginger, iron and calcium which studies have shown to be beneficial for combating hormonal fluctuations.

“When you’re on your period, something that is delicious and sweet can be so comforting. But we thought, wouldn’t it be great if you could feed those cravings with something that is good for your body” Loft informed the Mail Online.

She came up with this genius idea last summer when her friend was eating cake at her engagement party and told her that the cake they had at the party was so delicious “it made her emotional”, this caused a lightbulb moment for Devon who then began working on her new project.

Investigating the relationship between food and the menstrual cycle, Devon began contacting fellow bakers, nutritionists and dieticians to find out exactly what can be done to combat PMS symptoms and sugar cravings without eating junk food.

With her new found information, Devon took to the kitchen and voliá she created the period brownie.

Now unfortunately Devon doesn’t deliver as far as Ireland (sigh), but we hope that this will be a trend that will quickly catch on here.

You can check out all this delicious-ness over on their website here.