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28th Jul 2017

Avocados could be about to get a whole lot cheaper


Who doesn’t love a good avocado?

They’re the fruit that just keeps on giving… in that tiny interim of time between being ripe enough to eat and not totally gone off.

The avocado has been getting a lot of slack as of late, and we here at Her don’t think it’s been fully justified.

Especially not since the price of the green tree fruit has dropped over six percent in the US this month alone.


According to Bloomberg, a combination of good weather and great growing cycles in Mexico and California has allowed more avocado trees to be planted, and for prices to come down.

Avocado grower Rick Shade said that there seems to be a “really good vibe” around the fruit.

“I’d hate to be the wheat farmer who produced the wheat bread for the underneath because no one’s talking about him. Everyone’s talking about my avocado on top.”

This decline in price could be good news for Ireland, as it was recently reported in The Irish Times that our avocado supply was dwindling and that prices were already at record highs.

Avocado toast

However, many South American suppliers of the fruit are expected to sell their avocados to America, leading to shortages in Europe and elsewhere.

It remains to be seen whether this drop in wholesale price will affect Ireland, but we are sure that we’re unlikely to lose our taste for avocado toast anytime soon.