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10th Nov 2019

Eating a banana for breakfast is actually a pretty bad idea

It makes sense.

Cathy Donohue

Apparently, bananas shouldn’t be eaten for breakfast and this is hella confusing news.

More often than not we’re rushing out the door Monday to Friday and factoring time in for a sit-down breakfast can be difficult.

That’s why we thought eating fruit is the best solution as it’s healthy and requires little to no prep, depending on how you eat it.

A banana is our standard snack on a weekday morning but according to one nutritional expert, Dr. Daryl Gioffre, the fruit isn’t the best option for breakfast.

“Bananas seem like the perfect option to grab and go in the morning, but with a closer look, you’ll find that bananas eaten alone aren’t the best option because they’re 25% sugar and moderately acidic”.

Can we have pancakes instead?!

Speaking to Byrdie, Dr Gioffre said that while bananas do give a quick boost of energy, the snack alone isn’t enough to keep you full until lunch.

“They’ll give you a quick boost, but you’ll soon be tired and feeling hungry”.

To avoid the crash of a sugar high, the lifestyle expert and health coach recommends steering away from bananas after a meal and when you’re snacking on one, try pairing it with healthy fats and/or spices.

“Because bananas are acidic, you’ll have to neutralise the acid to get the benefits of potassium, fibre, and magnesium without the sugar rush”.

So there you go, who knew?!

Next time, we’ll try a banana and almond smoothie with cinnamon, oat flakes and coconut milk.

Check out the cover image, how delicious do they look? It might even be worth getting up ten minutes earlier…