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22nd Jul 2023

8 places in Dublin for a cute, existential pint before Barbie

By Fiona Frawley

Barbie has a great day every day. We only have a great day if Barbie looks at us.

As has been heavily documented in memes, articles and countless tweets, two movies with two wildly contrasting vibes will be released to the masses this weekend.

The double feature of the decade will see two different, yet equally powerful protagonists – Barbie and J. Robert Oppenheimer – grace the big screen, and many movie enthusiasts have decided to select one character and make them their entire personality.

If Barbie is your preferred buzz and you’re looking to make a day of it, here are 8 Dublin spots we recommend for a pre or post film pint.

Pink Restaurant

South William Street 

Rumour has it the amount of pink paint needed for the Barbie set led to a global shortage, but luckily the Pink Restaurant completed their décor way back when Barbie was just a twinkle in Greta Gerwig’s eye. A spot that simply makes sense for a pre-Barbie tipple.


Capel Street 

This is probably the place in Dublin where you’d be most likely to find a giant blowout party with all the Barbies, planned choreography and a bespoke song. Great cocktails, great tunes and a welcoming vibe.

Café en Seine

Dawson Street 

Always a go-to spot for a girlie gathering but with the addition of the dedicated Whispering Angel rosé garden, Café en Seine makes even more sense for a pre-Barbie beverage.

Doll Society

Francis Street 

This new addition to the Liberties is completely pink and literally named after a doll – it’s almost as if they saw this movie coming.

Lemon & Duke

Duke Lane 

Lemon and Duke are fully embracing Mattel mania with a weekend-long Barbie party at their Dublin 2 bar. There’ll be great tunes, a Malibu Barbie cocktail and most importantly, spot prizes all weekend for the best dressed.

Farrier and Draper

South William Street 

Another great spot for a few cute cocktails, Farrier and Draper kind of looks like Barbie broke into Oppenheimer’s house and swapped out every second chair.

37 Dawson Street

Dawson Street 

If you finish the film and are ready for a post-Barbie bop, this boujie boudoir on Dawson Street is ideal. Vibe-y interiors and a great mix of tunes, just like Barbie would want.

9 Below

Stephen’s Green 

This luxurious cocktail bar is tucked away near Stephen’s Green and looks a bit like Barbie and Oppenheimer had a baby. It’s classy, it’s fun and has plenty of pink-tinged décor.

Did we miss out your favourite Barbie adjacent joint in Dublin? Let us know!