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13th Mar 2022

3 super-easy protein bliss-balls you can meal prep today and enjoy all week

If you haven’t yet gotten on board with the bliss ball craze, you are missing out.

These guilt-free, yummy snacks that come in the shape of a little ball is the perfect healthy snack.

Pop them in your lunchbox for a delicious and energy-dense treat. Keep them in a container in the fridge so that you always have a nutritious option there when the snack pangs hit. Whatever you do, these are sure to go keep you full and from snacking on unhealthy treats.

Bliss balls are often made with ground nuts, shredded coconut, natural sweeteners like dates or stevia, nut butters and healthful additions like matcha powder, goji berries or cinnamon.

Want to give them a try? Here are three yummy bliss balls recipes to get you started:

1. 5-Ingredient Snack Balls

These vegan, gluten-free little beauts are so delicious you’ll forget they are also healthy.

Find the recipe here.

2. Chocolate drizzle balls

Oh boy; these balls are just perfect for the busy hectic days.

Find the recipe here.

3. Blueberry Morning

Nothing says good morning quite like a blueberry muffin, but these blueberry bliss balls are *just* as yummy — and they’re A LOT healthier.

Find the recipe here.