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03rd Jul 2012

How to Encourage Good Hygiene Habits in Your Teenager

Puberty can be a dark and stinky time but here's our advice on how to produce some squeaky clean teens!

The days of washing your child’s hair over the edge of the bath are over now that they have hit puberty but sometimes children in their early teens can be quite lax about personal hygiene, to say the least! This is normal as a child transitions into a teenager but it is important to instill good hygiene habits in your children from an early age. We have some tips to help you through this awkward time and hopefully produce some lovely smelling teenagers while you’re at it.

Talk to You Teens

Sit down with your child and communicate with them. Explain that now they are becoming an adult, they need to shower more frequently and begin using products like deodorants and facial wash. Share your hygiene routine with them and explain that cleanliness is a key to having a healthy body. Don’t discourage your children by using phrases such as ‘you smell’ but instead encourage them to try new products.


Encourage your child to regularly change their underwear and explain to them that wearing the same t-shirts day after day is not acceptable anymore now that they are sweating more. Ensure that clean clothes and shirts for school are always available for your child and purchasing some nice new knickers or boxers will encourage your child to change more regularly.

Skin Routine

If your child is having difficulty with oily skin and acne, encourage a good skin care routine and express how a regular routine can do wonders for bad skin. Thoroughly cleansing, toning and moisturising is important in limiting your teenager’s spots and we love Simple’s range of skin-friendly products.

Bring Your Teen Shopping

Involve your teenager when you go shopping for hygiene products. Allow them to choose their own deodorants, shower gels, facial washes and shampoos. If your teenager is embarrassed about shopping with their mom for products you can always send them to the shop with a list or shop online. Regularly purchase your child some new products to keep them interested.

Compliment Your Teen

Compliment your teenager frequently. Tell your child that he or she smells lovely after a shower or that their hair is looking really nice today. It will boost their confidence and motivate them to keep it up.