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15th Apr 2020

Wondering how the Gavin & Stacey crew might cope in a lockdown? Twitter has you sorted

Niamh McClelland

16 weeks ago, Gavin & Stacey fans were reunited with their favourite characters almost ten years after they bid them a tearful goodbye on a beach in Barry.

On Christmas night last year, millions of people tuned in to find out how the motley crew from Barry and Billericay had fared over the last decade, and suffice to say the reunion special was every bit as gripping as viewers had hoped.

Indeed, the cliffhanger ending on December 25th sparked an outpouring from fans, all desperate for the creation of a new series. Did Nessa really mean it? Did Smithy say yes? We needs answers.

But as we might be waiting on that particular front, one very creative fan has gone to the trouble of providing the public with the storyline we didn’t know we needed.

At a time when Twitter can seem like the darkest of social media platforms, David McCormack has used his platform to spread a little joy, writing: “From time to time I like to sit and think about how the characters in Gavin and Stacey would be handling the lockdown at the moment.”

That’s right. He’s only gone and done a deep dive on some of the greatest TV characters of all time. And listen, he has done some job.

Let’s kick off with Gavin and Stacey, without whom none of this would be possible.

As is tradition on the much-loved show, David made sure the episode opened with a phone call between the pair. Separated by the lockdown, Stacey is – unsurprisingly – struggling without Gav.

And what about Pam? And the long-suffering Mick? How are they handling lockdown back in Billericay? Well, about as dramatically as can be expected, really.

Upon realising his parents are no longer sharing a bedroom in the family home, Gavin is filled in on the finer details by his father.

While Pam worries herself into a near frenzy and contacts best friend Dawn for a shoulder to cry on, it turns out poor Dawn isn’t doing much better.

And yes, you guessed it, Pete’s the reason for it.

But listen, far be it from us to ruin the ending. Get yourself straight onto David’s near genius thread and catch up with everyone else in Barry and Billericay.

Oh, and don’t be surprised if you read every single exchange in the characters’ accents. We know we did.