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01st Nov 2021

Will Kin return for a second season?

Fans were all asking the same question following the explosive finale on Sunday night.

RTE aired the tense season finale of the massively popular crime series Kin on Sunday night – and fans are already asking for a second season.

After seven gripping episodes, things came to a head as the characters fought for their lives, resulting in an all-out bloodbath that left viewers wanting more.

“Just finished Kin absolutely brilliant when is series two?” one viewer tweeted.

“What a final episode that was #KIN #rtekin. @rte Sooooo when’s season 2?” another said.

“I need Kin season two. What a fantastic episode. My mind is blown. @RTE please give us a season two announcement.” a third added.

The good news for hungry fans is that showrunner Peter McKenna has been hinting at future seasons in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, he revealed that he was already working on a second season which would see the Kinsellas facing an even bigger threat to their lives from an international crime cartel.

And speaking to ScreenRant, he expressed his hopes for a future series, but said that RTE have not given the green light just yet.

“As I said, we don’t know if there’s going to be multiple seasons, so I don’t want to be too presumptive. The hope is that we will get a second season and I certainly have ideas for three seasons. That was the starting point. But I also like that season one almost feels complete on its own. If there isn’t, it could also live in a world on its own and feel like a story on its own.

“I think and I hope when you get to the end of the show, people will want to know what happens next to these people. That’s the thing. I hope that’s how people will feel because that’s the idea; we get to an end, some things are resolved. A lot of things aren’t resolved, a lot of things are set up and left open for more story and more dynamics within this family. Hopefully, by then, people [are] really invested and we get the chance to do it all over again.”

The cast are certainly up for it too with Sam Keeley, who plays Eric Kinsella in the show, saying he would “love to do a second series”.

“I’d do it tomorrow. I love the show and I’m fiercely proud of it and I think there is so much room to develop this world and these characters but I’m completely in the dark. They don’t tell me anything but hopefully we’ll know soon.”