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08th Feb 2022

WATCH: The trailer for the Elizabeth Holmes series is here

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Can’t come quick enough.

Ever since the Tinder Swindler hit our screens, we’ve been hooked on real life fraud stories, as if the true crime obsession wasn’t enough.

A TV series about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos is coming to Disney+ and the trailer has us only wanting more.

Elizabeth Holmes was the founder of a blood-testing start-up, Theranos, and was convicted on four counts of fraud and conspiracy in January 2022.

Amanda Seyfried is bringing the story to life as she plays the 38 year old, and drama isn’t even the right word for it.

The Dropout will bring viewers through Holmes’ rise to the top and her eventual downfall, with Hulu describing the show as “Money. Romance. Tragedy. Deception,” and, “an unbelievable tale of ambition and fame gone terribly wrong.”

The trailer shows Elizabeth coming up with her idea for Theranos while everyone tells her it’s impossible, and then her success unfolds.

The series is set to start on March 3rd, with three episodes initially streaming and then four more to follow weekly.

Elizabeth was the CEO of the company, which at one point was valued at $9 billion and she was declared the “youngest self-made female billionaire”.

It was later then discovered that Theranos was based on faulty technology which put thousands of people’s lives in danger. She was then accused of fraud and misleading investors and the government.

Theranos claimed that it could carry about blood tests while only using a tiny amount of blood and give patients their results in record time, but it was found in 2015 that there were major inconsistencies with this “incredible new” technology that was being used.

In 2018 a federal grand jury indicted Holmes and Theranos’ former chief operating officer, Ramesh Balwani, on nine counts of wire fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud for distributing blood tests with falsified results to consumers.

Her trial was then delayed due to her pregnancy and Covid 19 but in January of this year she was convicted of four of the 11 counts.