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15th Jun 2021

WATCH: The trailer for Atypical’s final season is here

Sarah McKenna Barry

“The best endings are atypical.”

The trailer for the fourth and final season of the hugely popular Netflix series Atypical just dropped, and fans are already excited.

The show follows Sam Gardiner (Keir Gilchrist) as he navigates college life, dating and the pressures of growing up.

The final season is expected to pack an emotional punch, as Sam moves away from his parents and branches out on his own. On top of that, the series lead worries about his future prospects when he discovers that he has been put on academic probation at college.

The trailer also promises to delve deeper into Casey and Izzie’s relationship and storyline.

Sharing the trailer on their official Instagram account, Netflix said: “The best endings are atypical.”

Gilchrist himself posted the trailer to his Instagram, and in the comments many fans shared their anticipation.

“Can’t wait,” one fan wrote, while another shared that they were “not ready” for Atypical to end.

While Atypical successfully amassed a cult following since its 2017 release, reviews have been mixed. In particular, many critics pointed to the lack of neurodivergent writers and actors on the show’s first season, given the fact that the series features autistic characters.

Still, Atypical received numerous accolades, including a Satellite Award nomination and a Peabody Award nomination in 2018.

The second season saw the addition of autistic cast-members and creators to the show’s billing. Additionally, critics praised the direction Sam’s story took, as well as the way his relationship with his family developed.

The latest season was a hit with viewers and critics alike. Forbes writer Merrill Barr described it as “the show’s boldest to date,” and felt it had “reached its stride”.

The final season of Atypical is out on 9 July, but until then, feel free to binge watch the first three seasons on Netflix.