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23rd Nov 2021

WATCH: SuperValu’s Deermuid the Deer Christmas ad is here

Sarah McKenna Barry

Have the tissues on standby.

The last few weeks have seen a number of stores and companies premiere their heart-warming Christmas ads on TV, and it’s been quite the tonic.

Aldi shoppers were excited to witness the return of Kevin the Carrot. John Lewis, once again, wowed us with another powerful story, while Tesco fans were relieved when their Christmas ad assured viewers that Santa is double-vaxxed and ready to travel.

The latest in touching Christmas ads comes from SuperValu, and it tells the story of Deermuid the Deer.

The commercial sees 9-year-old Aoife waking up to discover an injured reindeer in her back garden. Concerned about how he’ll get back to the main man, Aoife seeks help from her parents.

The family tend to Deermuid, offering him water, shelter and plenty of carrots. Young Aoife takes it upon herself to personally oversee his rehabilitation and assures her pal that she’ll get him back to the North Pole.

However, her parents are less convinced that he’s actually one of Santa’s reindeers. Nevertheless, Aoife brings him out onto the street and encourages him to take flight.

The ad then takes a turn for the emotional as Aoife is quickly joined by other children on the street cheering Deermuid on.

Thankfully, it does the trick, and the reindeer leaps into the sky, ready to return home.

Nine-year-old Penny Lynch plays Aoife, while her on-screen companion is played by a real deer, who also goes by the name Deermuid.

The deer’s handler, Eddie Drew offered some background on his star.

He said: “Deermuid is nine years old and absolutely loves people. He was sadly abandoned by his mother as a fawn, but this meant he was bottle-fed and grew up on a farm, making him extremely sociable and comfortable with humans.”

He added: “He’s fed twice a day with water, carrots and Sean’s Brown Bread which is his absolute favourite!”

Good man, Deermuid!