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20th Apr 2022

WATCH: Netflix drops trailer for disturbing true crime Our Father

The series sees the families affected by the now disgraced fertility doctor Donald Cline share their stories.

It seems there’s no shortage of true crime on Netflix these days, and today saw the streaming platform drop the trailer for their latest, which is titled Our Father.

The documentary tells the story of Donald Cline, a now-disgraced former fertility doctor, who used his own sperm to inseminate his patients.

The official synopsis from Netflix reads: “A top fertility doctor had a sickening secret: he was using his own sperm. Decades later, his ‘children’ band together to pursue justice.”

Cline’s medical licence was revoked by the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana in 2018 after it was discovered that he used his own sperm in at least 46 inseminations.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of obstruction of justice for lying about using his own sperm, and he was given a one-year suspended sentence in December 2017, but he never actually served any jail time.

The Netflix documentary sees the children of the mothers affected by Cline’s actions – dubbed siblings by the show – share their story.

One tells the camera: “Growing up, I felt different. I was 35 and I take a DNA test.”

Another says: “When I opened up Ancestry, I had over 3,000 hits.”

A third continues: “All of these random names were popping up, and it said ‘close family’. We all matched the name Cline. Right then, I knew Cline was our biological father. So that’s when strange things started happening.”

Another sibling reveals that they think Cline’s actions were some sort of “sick experiment for him”, while a different sibling points out the similarities between the children.

“Most of us have blonde hair, blue eyes. It was almost like this perfect Aryan clan. It’s disgusting.”

The trailer covers the affected families coming to terms with Cline’s actions, as well as their scramble for justice.

Our Father lands on Netflix on 11 May.