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26th Sep 2023

Virgin Media viewers are ‘obsessed’ with Grá ar an Trá

Move over Love Island there’s a new sheriff in town or rather new highly addictive reality dating show!

Grá ar an Trá made its debut last night and already people have found their new guilty pleasure for the autumn months – and they can even use the excuse of brushing up on their cúpla focal.

The programme, which takes place in the Gaeltacht, kicked off on Virgin Media and saw 10 singletons welcomed into the Love Teach, ready to find love.

Of course, it’s not as straightforward as that, there are plenty of tasks and challenges to find the couple ‘with the most focail’ who will take home a €10,000 prize.

With Síomha Ní Ruairc and James Kavanagh acting as Bean and Man Tí and well-known Gaeilgeoir Gráinne Seoige playing the part of Cinnire Grá things started to get interesting straight away.

From a potential love triangle, a none too impressed Gráinne telling the house guests to up their Irish levels and even a cheeky kiss, it’s all go go go.

All the contestants have been coupled up into their respective pairs; Laura and Loman, Saoirse and Femi, Megan and Sean and Michelle and Andrew but the real drama is yet to come!

It was revealed that a new pair, Zak and Talia, would be shaking things up and making their way into the Teach in Waterford but that wasn’t all, the first elimination of the series will hitting screens next week.

People who tuned in to watch the debut of the dating show with an Irish twist are already hooked declaring themselves to be ‘obsessed’ and ready to see it through to the end.

“Already absolutely BET #GráArAnTrá into go hiontach go dtí seo!’ tweeted one viewer while another penned, ‘ ‘No lads you don’t understand how obsessed I am with the concept of #GráArAnTrá. As a teenager who spent all of my summers sa Ghaeltacht, this is the tv show I’ve always needed.’

A third added: ‘#GráArAnTrá is already about 10 million times better than #LoveIslandUK. Real people, not obsessed with having a six-pack or a perfect body, not bitchy (yet at least!) and fully up for having the craic. Love it already!’

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