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02nd May 2018

This viral video about meeting your other half’s mammy is scarily true to life

Too good!

Denise Curtin

Late Late

“Let me in there, we’ll have tea, be lovely…”

Let’s face it, meeting your other half’s parents is never easy. It’s usually an awkward chit-chat as you both sit there trying to defrost and accept that you’ll be sharing each other’s company for the distant future.

It often kind of feels like a job interview as you are quizzed inside out and upside down about what you are doing with your life, your plans for the future, your salary, WHO your parents are, where you live, if you have any road frontage and your families health history… basically everything the mammy needs to know to see if you are WORTHY to carry her son’s child and take his hand in marriage.

The mammy on the other hand, cleans her house to within an inch of its life and opens the door in her Sunday best just so you know the standard you have to live up to to be “the one” for her son. It ain’t easy. But this video created by the hilarious duo, The 2 Johnnies from Limerick depicts it so, so well.

The video which was posted yesterday already has over 63,000 views with many people commenting and relating. One person commented: “I’m not sure if mine are worse!” While another said: “The milk jug hahaha”, we are all well aware of the good ol’ special occasion milk jug.

Just too funny, fair play lads.