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24th Nov 2017

Viewers were left so frustrated after this moment in tonight’s Corrie

So close...

Jade Hayden

Warning: spoilers ahead.

If there’s one thing Pat Phelan is not, it’s stupid.

A fact which was absolutely proved on tonight’s episode of Coronation Street when Anna Windass assumed that he was and tried to trick him into admitting that he was trying to frame her for Seb’s untimely fall off of a ladder.

After managing to lure Pat round to her place, Anna sits him down and decides to do the unthinkable – ask him why he’s been trying to place the blame on her all this time.

She had also set her phone to record the entire convo and hopefully catch Pat out in his lie.

But, unsurprisingly, Pat was already one step ahead.

He sat there and told Anna simply that they both knew she had pushed Seb off the ladder.

Annoyed that her plan had failed, Anna stopped her phone from recording, seeing as she had just recorded Pat saying that she pushed Seb, which was the exact opposite of what she wanted to happen, really.

But it wasn’t just Anna who was frustrated with the events.

Viewers weren’t all that impressed that Anna had assumed such a simple plan would work either – especially not on actual Pat Phelan.

Better luck next time, girl.