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19th Oct 2018

Update: The three Saint Bernard doggos have been adopted!

Amy Nolan

Update: The three Saint Bernard doggos have been adopted!

The “three best friends that anyone could have” are now in their forever home.

Last week the internet blew up over news that three Saint Bernard doggos were looking for a new home and couldn’t be separated.

The dogs were taken in by Edmonton Humane Society who put out a tweet looking for a potential new owner. The organisation advised potential adopters to bear in mind the considerable financial impact the three dogs would have, estimating that feeding them alone would cost around €200.

Just a day after the tweet went up, the shelter said that they were no longer taking applications as the dogs had received phenomenal interest and they needed to review over 200 emails.

Staff at Edmonton Humane Society fell in love with the canine littermates and soon enough people all around the world were talking about Goliath, Gasket and Gunther.

And now the three good boys have found their forever home!

The shelter was extremely picky about who they gave the dogs to saying:

“Their new family was chosen after EHS received hundreds of inquiries to adopt the dogs, which resulted in a week-long process of reviewing applications to narrow down potential adopters for both phone and in-person interviews.”

They eventually found the perfect family who have a track record of being excellent pet owners:

“The couple are devoted proponents of adoption, having previously adopted numerous pets as well as one of their two children, who are ages 10 and 16.”

And the family were overjoyed to be selected as the new owners of Goliath, Gasket and Gunther saying:

“When we found out that we were getting the opportunity to meet them, we cried tears of joy. Pets add so much to the family, and we’re so happy we can give back to them by providing a loving home for the rest of their lives.”

All’s well that ends well. We are DELIGHTED!

Main Image Via Edmonton Humane Society