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31st May 2016

Ugly Naked Guy from Friends has finally been revealed

So THAT'S what he looks like.

Laura Holland

So THAT’S what he looks like. 

We’re all familiar with Ugly Naked Guy from Friends. The naked neighbour across the way from the girl’s apartment. While we got a glimpse of his physique we never got to see his face.

Interestingly, he was mentioned a good bit in the show but we only ever got to see him twice. Once when the group made a giant poking device to make sure he was still alive and another time when Ross befriended him to get his apartment.


But now he has been tracked down. Fair play to The Huffington Postwho spent the last year searching for the actor who played the role.

According to them, the actor was never credited and was largely a mystery to fans of the show. But they persevered in their search for him. Over the course of the year, they reached out to casting directors, searched through forums and fan sites and even questioned other actors linked with the role.

Just when they thought it wasn’t possible to find out, they found him.

His name is Jon Haugen and he is the official Ugly Naked Guy.

UNG1Image via Huffington Post.