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13th Nov 2017

Tom Felton’s mam has the cutest picture EVER on her bedside locker

So cute!

Orlaith Condon

Draco Malfoy will never die!

Tom Felton might have moved on from the Harry Potter days, but his character Draco Malfoy will live on in our hearts and the hearts of fans everywhere.

And one person who is refusing to forget about the lovable baddie is Tom’s mother.

Taking to Instagram this week, Tom shared a glimpse of the picture his mother keeps close to her on her bedside locker.

“Mum’s beside picture. Love to all the wonderful mums,” he captioned the picture of a scene from the first film.

Mums bedside picture. Love to all the wonderful mums x

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The adorable black and white picture of a scene from the Philosopher’s Stone is even signed by the young actor, who at the time wrote:

“To Mum,

“Love always, Tom Felton.”

The photo was even noticed by co-star Matthew Lewis, however, not for the right reasons.

The actor who played Neville Longbottom commented on the post, saying:

“This is bullshit. I’m not even in it.”

However, Tom responded a short while later assuring Matthew he wasn’t forgotten.

“She has a separate one for you Bottomlong. Poster size.”