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29th Jul 2018

This bride played the most AMAZING prank on her new husband

Rebecca O'Keeffe

bride pranks


Sorry, I am HOWLING laughing at this lads.

So there’s this wedding trend called ‘the first look’.

It’s basically when a groom turns around to see his bride for the first time, and it’s all caught on camera.

The pictures are ALWAYS adorable!

However, one gas bitch decided to play a brilliant prank on her groom recently, and you’re going to howl.

25-year-old Heidi Zherelyev, and her partner, Val Zherelyev, had a first look photo-shoot planned.

However, the gorge bride and her brother had other plans for what is meant to be an emotional moment for a couple.

The groom was waiting, back turned, for the love of his life to appear to him like a vision.

Instead, Val turned around and saw his brother-in-law donning a white wedding dress.


bride pranks

Eric said:

“I found out about this plan a few hours before the ceremony and I thought it was such a great idea.”

So he put on a second-hand wedding gown, and rocked it!

“I love my sister and would do anything for her and I love my brother-in-law. She picked such a good guy.

“He loves goofy things and I love goofy things so it was exactly what he needed.”

“I really got into the role. I put on girl’s perfume and deodorant to get into character.”

“When he turned around it was hilarious. We messed around and had a little photo shoot of our own.”

Ah, this made me SMILE so hard.

Congrats to the happy couple(s).