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13th Feb 2019

16 ways that 90s Home And Away lied to us about life

Lads literally never had their tops on.
16 ways that 90s Home And Away lied to us about life

Home And Away, am I right?

First, it’s important to award Home and Away with the title of the catchiest theme song of all time. It truly brings us all closer each day.

It was a different show altogether in the 90s, a far cry from the raunchy and civilised spectacle that it is today.

I’ve been threatening to use the theme tune as my audition song on X Factor for longer than I can remember. 2019 will be my year.

Here are 16 ways that Home and Away grossly mislead us during childhood.

1. Apparently, all Australians are rides.

2. Apparently, school uniforms can be fashionable.

3. Apparently, everyone in Australia has perfectly maintained blonde hair.

4. Apparently, net curtains are an integral part of every household.


5. Apparently, the best way to get a boyfriend is by going down to the beach for a quick flirt with everyone you meet.

6. Apparently, if you can’t surf, you are scum.

7. Apparently, everyone is immune to sunburn.

8. Apparently lads literally never have their tops on.


9. Apparently, you can sit around in a café all day without ordering anything and not get thrown out.

10. Apparently, teachers care deeply about their students.

11. Apparently, there is a large amount of foster children in a small concentrated area in Australia.

12. Apparently, nobody ever locks their front door.


13. Apparently, the local diner is the main source of all drama.

14. Apparently, nobody’s hair is affected by humidity.

15. Apparently, Australians can eat a lot but their waists are literally the size of toothpicks.

16. Apparently, the actor that plays Alf is ageless and immortal.

[All images via YouTube]