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03rd Jan 2018

These six movies are about to turn ten and we legit can’t cope


Where is time going?

Honestly, make it stop.

It causes us severe fear when we remember we are actually ageing and people hitting up the clubs now were born in 2000 and not 1988.

But one thing that shakes us to our core, is when we hear about pop culture moments that felt like yesterday also turning old and grey (like ourselves).

I’ll give you a moment to brace yourselves *take deep breath*, as I reveal to you, six films you still think came out yesterday.

6. Sex and the City

Remember the excitement of this coming out in the cinema? Ya well that moment was 10 years ago.

5. High School Musical 3

The LAST HSM came out three years ago this October, the LAST one. I know… someone hold me.

4. Mamma Mia

As the second movie lands this year, we can’t believe it has been a full 10 years since the debut instalment.

3. Twilight

Bella, Edward and Jacob are all hitting a milestone as the first Twilight movie came out 10 years ago this forthcoming December.

2. Step Brothers

The all-time hilarious duo Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly became the loved Step Brothers a decade ago this year.

1. Marley and Me

Ultimate tearjerker Marley and Me hit the big screen in March, 2008 for the first time.

Utter madness, who knows what big movies of this year we will be recapping in 2028 *gasp*.