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06th Apr 2018

There’s an Irish version of Planet Earth coming to RTÉ soon

Olivia Hayes

We love Planet Earth.

But one of the main things that pulls us towards the show is the brilliant Sir David Attenborough.

So, when we heard that there was going to be an Irish version of the show, we were a little bit hesitant.

Will it be as good? Where will it explore? Will it be creatures or plants or habitats or what?

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Well, we have all the info about the Irish version so far, and it sounds like we’re in for a good one.

Coming to RTÉ this month and next is a series of nature programmes which will explore all the wildlife habitats in Ireland.

The first series to air will be the much-anticipated Ireland’s Deep Atlantic, which sees underwater cameraman Ken O’Sullivan embark on a series of voyages out into the open North Atlantic in search of large whales, sharks and cold water coral reefs 3,000 down on Ireland’s deep sea bed.

On May 13, a new four-part series A Wild Irish Year will feature the glories of wild outdoor Ireland through one beautifully filmed season. From wildlife to weather, from farming cycles to nature’s ancient rhythms, the series features the changes sweeping across our green island throughout one year.

And then on Sunday May 6, Ireland hosts Nature LIVE. It.will feature some of Europe’s extraordinary wildlife – beamed in live by satellite from the continent’s most remote locations – from polar bears in the Norwegian Arctic to flamingos in southern Spain, and from basking sharks off the west of Ireland, to wolves in Slovenia.

We’re definitely going to be tuning into these! The first trailer for the series will air during the first break of The Late Late Show tonight.