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14th Dec 2017

The Simpsons reveal why Maggie is (still) a baby and it’s disappointing

Not quite the answer we expected.


The Simpsons has been on the air for an astounding 29 seasons (and counting).

During that time, it’s become the longest-running American sitcom and animated program in history.

There’s been hundreds upon hundreds of couch gags, as well as familiar faces coming and leaving Springfield.

But there’s still plenty of things that have stayed the same. Specifically? The ages of the characters.

Yes, after 29 years, Maggie Simpson is still  a baby – and it’s a little odd.

Twitter user Brian Fink recently questioned the the youngest Simpson family member’s age….and got an answer from the show themselves.

He asked:

“Umm I’m confused. This is the first time I’m watching @TheSimpsons in forever…

“How is Maggie still a baby with a pacifier? Shouldn’t she be in college by now?

And while we’ve gotta respect the show for responding, we wish it was a little less vague.

The show replied:

“That’s the magic of #TheSimpsons.”

It comes as a writer and producer for the show, Josh Weinstein, recently shared some deleted scenes from the iconic Who Shot Mr Burns? episodes in season six/seven.

He shared the excerpts from the original scripts on social media, giving fans a bit of a peek into some more of the Simpson shenanigans.



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