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15th Apr 2017

The new Netflix addition to add to your must-watch list

Rory Cashin

There are two types of people in the world: those who already know how great Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is, and those about to find out how great Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is.

The “new” show was actually already been around for ten seasons since it began way back in 1988, finding homes on the likes of Comedy Central and ScyFy before landing on what seems like its natural home of Netflix this weekend.

Basically, it consists of one human and two robots sitting in the foreground, watching some of the worst movies ever made and making snarky comments about it.

Kinda imagine Gogglebox, but instead everyone is a very funny comedian, special guests make appearances, and instead of talking about The X Factor, they’re making fun of movies with titles like Reptilicus or The Loves Of Hercules.

To give you a taster of what you can expect, Netflix dropped this funny little teaser of the MST3K guys chatting about the opening scenes of the Stranger Things.

Stranger Things/Mystery Science Theater 3000 Riff [HD] | Netflix

Clip via Netflix US & Canada

On top of the 20 new episodes, Netflix have also cherry-picked 20 episodes from previous seasons, including classics such as Horrors Of Spider Island, I Accuse My Parents and the legendary Manos: The Hands Of Fate.

Meanwhile, the new seasons – which is titled Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Return, in case you’re searching for it – features the likes of Mark Hamill, Jerry Seinfeld, Neil Patrick Harris, Wil Wheaton and Joel McHale.