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28th Feb 2022

Sky presenter explains why she cried following report on Ukraine crisis

Sarah McKenna Barry

“It was images of children escaping Ukraine, fathers saying goodbye to their children.”

The ongoing crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has had a very emotional impact on many.

One broadcaster who illustrated that impact while on air is Sky Sports’ Hayley McQueen.

During a report over the weekend, the Scottish presenter wore a blue top and a yellow skirt, as a show of support for Ukraine, and, as she presented the show, viewers could hear her voice begin to break in between segments.

Taking to Instagram afterwards, Hayley thanked fans for their concerns and explained why she got upset.

She wrote: “I’ve covered many tragic stories on Sky Sports over the years & pride myself on remaining professional & keeping  emotions in check but for some reason yesterday really got to me.”

Hayley went on: “Since becoming a mother I guess I think about the world differently & have definitely become a lot more sensitive. Anyhow I got a bit upset on air briefly, we started with reports on how sport is reacting to the Russian invasion of Ukraine & I’d just been watching my Sky News colleagues reporting from Kyiv.

“It was images of children escaping Ukraine, fathers saying goodbye to their children, one little girl in particular was clutching a teddy bear under each arm all wrapped up in a snowsuit just like my Ayla.”

She continued: “I’m a little embarrassed it got to me whilst on air but I couldn’t get the thoughts out of my head. I know we have to remain impartial as journalists but I wore colours as a little something to let Ukranians, my Ukranian friends & work colleagues know I am thinking of them standing in solidarity in the darkest of times.”

She then thanked everyone who sent her “messages of concern” and reiterated her support for the people of Ukraine and “all those effected”.