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17th Apr 2019

Simon Cowell to relaunch Celebrity X Factor in desperate bid to save ratings

I’m sure we’d manage without, in fairness.

Simon Cowell has announced plans to bring back Celebrity X Factor in a bid to save the show’s ratings and arguably from its steady but inevitable demise.

The judge and all-round talent tycoon had previously said he would never do another series of the celebrity spin-off “because what’s the point” but has since gone back on his word and admitted that, for some reason, he’s up for trying it again.

Can’t imagine at all what that reason must be Simon, nah.

Cowell told The Sun that despite rumours that the show been axed due to poor ratings, it hadn’t been. It will, however, have a different format.

Or rather, a couple of new different formats in the form of Celebrity X Factor and X Factor Champions.

You can probably guess exactly what each of those entails.

X Factor 2017

“The time feels right, and it will be a huge change,” he told The Sun. “We haven’t exactly confirmed the dates or the order of the shows, but essentially there are going to be two versions of X Factor running this year.”

“I think it’s going to be huge, it’s the best I’ve felt about this show in years.”

Celebrity X Factor will, naturally, pit well or lesser known celebs against each other in a singing based battle that does indeed offer a record deal at the end of it… just for a celebrity who probably doesn’t need someone else to set them up with that anyway.

Back in 2006, the show had a limited run as a special featuring none other than Gillian McKeith and EastEnders’ Lucy Benjamin.

At the time, Simon said that he’d never bother with it again because the point of The X Factor was to “be looking for is a new artist.”

“The only validity for my doing these shows is that I’m doing my day job on a TV – which is trying to find artists for the label.”

It is, yeah.

X Factor Champions, on the other hand, will invite back previous contestants on the show to see who among them has what it takes to become a brief reality star all over again.

Exciting times.