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30th Jul 2023

Simon Cowell is ‘quitting fame’

By Callum Boyle

Cowell wants to live a quieter life after spending so much time in the limelight

Simon Cowell is planning to move out of the limelight as part of a pledge to “quite fame to become a stay-at-home dad” according to reports.

Cowell, 63, is regularly seen on our TV screens as a judge for the likes of Britain’s Got Talent but in recent times has stepped back from a lot of his projects, including his multimillion-pound record label company, Syco, which is now run by his fiancee Lauren Silverman to spend more time with his son, Eric.

A source told the Daily Mail: “It’s like Simon has totally changed his direction of travel.

“He was once so keen to be in the papers that he could barely go for a walk without it being on the front of the tabloids.

“He wanted to be talked about and written about, but all of a sudden he doesn’t want to be in the limelight any more. He just wants to be at home with Eric while Lauren runs what is left of his business.”

These reports follow after Cowell recently sold his £45m mansion in Holland Park after receiving a number of security threats which has led to him telling his friends that he feels “unsafe” in Kensington.

He, his partner Lauren and their nine-year-old son are now reportedly living in the countryside after completing the quiet sale of their six-bedroom house a few days ago.



Simon Cowell