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01st Oct 2018

Simon Cowell just fired Sharon Osbourne after she SLATED him in an interview

The end of an era.

Simon Cowell has reportedly dropped Sharon Osbourne from this season of The X Factor after the former judge tore into her boss in a recent interview.

Sitting down with Howard Stern on his radio show in the US, Sharon attacked Simon repeatedly and addressed him replacing Stern on America’s Got Talent, saying:

“He wasn’t on TV in America and he’ll do whatever he has to do to get his f***ing fat face on TV.

“I like Simon, he’s been good to me but he’s a f***ing pain in the a**e.”

However, the conversation escalated and Sharon went on to tell the host what she would do if she were on a boat with Simon and it began to sink.

“Oh, we’d put a f***ing brick around his neck and throw him over.”

“And drown him?” Stern asked.

“Oh, I will drown that motherf***er. Absolutely, he’s gone.”

The interview left Simon seething, reportedly, and now he is said to have fired the longtime judge from the show.

Sharon was due to return to the series when it gets to the live shows later this month, however, now it is unlikely we’ll see her back behind the judges’ desk at all.