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20th Nov 2017

The shocking truth behind Lady Gaga’s AMA red carpet appearance

She had us fooled.

Orlaith Condon

It was all pretend!

Unless you deactivated all your social media accounts, you’d have noticed that the American Music Awards were on last night.

Yes, some of our favourite artists took to the red carpet last night to celebrate the AMAs, however, there was one who did something extra elaborate to mark the big occasion.

Lady Gaga doesn’t do anything by halves and last night’s appearance at the AMAs was no different – especially considering she wasn’t even there.

Yes, while everyone was getting ready to walk the red carpet in Los Angeles, Lady Gaga was getting ready for her latest performance on the Joanne Tour in Washington D.C.

Yes, the singer was all the way across on the east coast, however, that didn’t stop her winning the night at the AMAs.

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Gaga held her own photoshoot on a special AMA red carpet that had been set up backstage in Washington D.C.

Yes, the musician had a lot of fans fooled that she was at the star-studded awards show – even yours truly – with the pictures she shared on Instagram last night.

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Gaga donned a black, strappy bodycon Alaïa dress and skyscraper black platform heels and posed up a storm for her one-woman red carpet.

And it wasn’t just the red carpet Gaga won, she also wowed the crowds with her performance of The Cure which was filmed on her tour and aired during last night’s show in LA.

For someone who didn’t even make an appearance, we think Gaga won the night.

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