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14th Jan 2019

Saoirse Ronan revealed she would PAY to star in this movie and we need it to happen

We'd love this!

Denise Curtin

We weren’t expecting this.

As Mary Queen of Scots hits Irish cinemas this Friday, January 18, we caught up with Saoirse Ronan ahead of its Irish premiere last weekend.

Dressed to perfection as always, Saoirse started her day by attending a Q&A session with Sinead Burke at Google’s Foundry building before taking the red carpet of the Stella Theatre by storm just before 7pm.

Speaking about Mary Queen of Scots which she stars in alongside Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie, Saoirse revealed that the pair actually only met during the last week of filming with all their scenes filmed separately just like the movie depicts.

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But it was a long process to get this movie up and running, as the 24-year-old revealed that she signed up for the flick “when I was 18 but we didn’t start filming until I was 23”. But the process was sure worth the outcome as Saoirse beamed with excitement ahead of the release, explaining that she was grateful to play a historical character who portrays such poise and strength.

And to get into character wasn’t easy – from wigs to makeup and elaborate costumes, Saoirse noted that the constant corset wearing actually changed the shape of her body similar to a modern-day waist trainer. “We couldn’t sit on chairs with backs, we had to like squat over swivel stools when in costume” she giggled.

But now as Mary Queen of Scots preps for release and almost two months of touring and promoting the flick comes to an end – what’s next for the Irish star?

Well, she’s currently started filming for Little Woman alongside Beautiful Boy’s Timothée Chalamet as well as beginning to film with Titanic’s Kate Winslet for God’s Only Woman which sees the pair become unlikely lovers.

But, what would be Saoirse’s dream role? Well, according to the star, she’d pay money to star in a sequel to Bridesmaids. “I’d absolutely love that” she exclaimed while thinking of ways she could potentially make it happen.

Speaking exclusively to Her, Saoirse also revealed that Kirstin Wiig is a star she’d love to film with as she’s simply “her hero”.

Bridesmaids 2 starring Saoirse Ronan? This is a petition we need to create.

Feature image – Andres Poveda