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11th May 2016

Ryan Reynolds takes the piss in the ‘Honest Trailer’ for Deadpool


Deadpool has been one of the sleeper hit films of the year thanks to its lovely mix of smart comedy, killer action, and fourth wall-breaking nudge-nudge-wink-wink moments.

(The wealth of dick jokes probably helped too).

Deadpool’s marketing for the film’s release was nothing short of spectacular, so with the film now out on Blu-Ray and DVD, it’s no surprise Ryan Reynolds and the bods at Fox are back at it again with another smart bit of fun.

Web series Honest Trailers from Screen Junkies have been entertaining film buffs for years with their skewering of modern movie trailers. So when Deadpool’s trailer came up next, they came up with a fun surprise.


Because Deadpool – aka Ryan Reynolds – himself pops up for another session of meta fun to make some dick jokes.

It’s a lot of fun watching Deadpool keep paces with the already film savvy Honest Trailers lot. At least until when it all goes down south when our voiceover man mentions, “Making fun of all the superhero genre cliches, while giving you the same old conventional love story and a by-the-numbers revenge plot we’ve seen a million times before.”

Much like the film itself, it’s lewd, witty and downright hilarious. Probably to the point where we’re ruining all the jokes by trying to explain them here.

Instead, let us shut up and let you watch the video for yourselves.

Oh Deadpool. Make sure you tell Cable to hop on for your sequel, yeah?

The world is crying out for a superhero buddy cop film.