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24th Jul 2018

RTE2 are showing a Home and Away nostalgia special tonight and ah god, the memories

home and away 30 years

Absolutely banger of a show.

There’s a Home and Away special on RTE2 tonight so you know you’re going to be glued to the telly from about 8.30pm onwards.

The show – which is sure to trigger all of the nostalgia, emotion, and Australia-based nerves in your entire body – is being aired to mark the soap’s 30th anniversary.

And, yeah, we know – we can’t believe it’s been that long either.

Home and Away was and still is a staple of any Irish household.

How many evenings did you spend as an angsty teen sat in front of the TV watching Alf wander about the place, Irene do some bits, and other people go around Summer Bay entertaining us all.

(Yes, I did watch it, I’m just choosing not to get more specific than that for now, thanks.)

Tonight’s programme will feature a load of all your favourite Summer Bay moments, including the happy ones, the sad ones, and the ones that didn’t make you feel any emotion one way or another.

All the iconic characters from the past will be back including Sally, Angel, Brax, and a load of others.

Danii Minogue and Ray Meagher will also be there to take you on your special Australian-based journey so if you were planning on missing this, just don’t, basically.

Endless Summer: 30 Years of Home and Away will be on tonight at 8.30pm on RTE2.