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02nd Mar 2022

RTE receives 15 complaints over Tommy Tiernan and Amy Huberman interview

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Amy appeared on the show last weekend.

RTÉ has received 15 complaints following Amy Huberman’s appearance on The Tommy Tiernan Show last weekend.

The comedian was joined by actress Amy Huberman, singer Thomas McCarthy and campaigner Jessica Wade on Saturday night’s show and viewers were not happy about parts of the show.

In a statement to Sunday World, a spokesperson said: “RTÉ received ten emails and five calls from members of the public who were unhappy with the elements of the programme.”

While they did not say specifically what part of the show people had sent in complaints about, viewers on social media voiced their concerns over a question Tommy asked Amy, saying it made them “uncomfortable”.

Discussing her career, her connection to the Holocaust and her marriage to rugby superstar Brian O’Driscoll, it took an awkward turn when Tommy asked: “Without incriminating the people that we live with, I wonder could we talk about sex?”

He explained: “I’m much more interested now in intimacy and shared, physical space with my wife and sex can be a part of that.”

“It’s not something you often hear Irish men in their 50s say, but it’s really important for me to be able to spend that time with my wife being physical intimate. But that’s not necessarily about sex.”

Amy replied: “And that’s that conversation dealt with.”

He went on to ask if Amy’s sex life is now different to when it was when she was younger, before saying: “If it’s an unfair question, we can leave it.”

Viewers of the show took to Twitter to give their thoughts on the interview, with one writing: “Hugely creepy interview from Tommy Tiernan last night with Amy Huberman as he questioned her about sex. She handled it brilliantly though.”

Another tweeted: “Tommy had a very rare misstep tonight with Amy Huberman and a question about sex. Awkward to watch but she handled it well.”

A third wrote: “Is Tommy OK? Very odd line of questioning with Amy Huberman.”