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10th Sep 2018

Roxanne Pallett quits Celebrity Island after one episode due to panic attacks

The actress filmed the show before entering the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Viewers were left furious at Roxanne Pallett yet again last night as she made her debut on Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island.

The 35-year-old woke in the middle of the night just four days into filming after smelling the smoke from the campfire and had a panic attack.

Roxanne was crying hysterically, trying to explain what upset her as her campmates comforted her.

The former Emmerdale star revealed that the smell of smoke brought back memories of a house fire at her family home when she was a teenager.

“It’s the smoke that nearly killed my family in a house fire when I was 16, the smoke, the smell is taking me back to that time,” she told her co-stars.

“It feels like it’s happening again. I couldn’t bear the smoke. It just reminded me of gasping for air thinking I was going to die.”

Stars including Pete Wicks and Martin Kemp all huddled around the actress trying to calm her down.

However, the following morning, it all became too much for Roxanne, and she called producers and begged to be brought off the island just five days after the group’s arrival.

“I’m really suffering and struggling with my thoughts,” she told them.

“Please, can you come and get me now.

“I cannot cope. Enough is enough.”

The episode led to increased audience criticism after Roxanne’s appearance in the CBB house.

Roxanne filmed Celebrity Island before entering CBB and accusing fellow housemate Ryan Thomas of punching her repeatedly in the ribs.

Since the episode of Celebrity Island aired this week, co-star Pete Wicks has spoken about his time on the show with Roxanne, saying:

“Apparently it reignited memories of being trapped in a fire when she was younger.

“It was quite emotional for everyone and we all felt terrible for her,” Pete said on The Jeremy Vine Show.

“She is an actress and she is dramatic, but she didn’t really… her behaviour wasn’t outrageous like it was on Big Brother.

“We didn’t see that side to her in that amount of time but she did fall out with a couple of people in those few days.”