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22nd Mar 2019

Remembering MTV’s Room Raiders: 7 things that always happened on the weirdest dating show going

room raiders

If you grew up in and around the mid-2000s, you’ll probably have had a pretty clean room.

Not because you were really anal or anything, but because you were aware that MTV’s Room Raiders could show up at any time.

It didn’t matter that we all lived in Ireland or the UK – anything was possible and we were damned if we were going to let any potential mate find questionable stains using a blacklight in our rooms.

The iconic Room Raiders ran for two years, between 2004 and 2006, and it included everything you could possibly want from a weird mid-noughties TV show: cool hip people, the possibility of the ride, and 4:3 aspect ratio.

Anyway, here’s a load of things that definitely were bound to happen during every single episode of MTV’s Room Raiders. 


1. There was jizz everywhere

Let’s not beat around the bush guys, the main reason most of us prepubescent repressed children watched Room Raiders was to see what the blacklight uncovered.

Some of the time, it was nothing. But then other times, it was a load of unknown liquids which was very exciting indeed.

2. Fully grown men proved that they were, in fact, children

You can tell a lot from a guy from the things that he keeps in his room. Which, yeah, we guess was the entire point of Room Raiders, tbh.

No matter where the show was, no matter who was involved, there was always some guy who was in college, looked about 15, and proved that he was, at heart, even younger.

Due to this terrifying door warning.

Or this fart-themed hat.

Or this, eh, sentence.

3. Some lad was always topless in the van 

Man, you knew MTV was coming over to do Room Raiders today.

Just admit you wanted to show off your abs and stop pretending to be shocked that this is happening.

4. Zac Efron was there

Alright, this was one time but he still showed up and he is a person of note, in fairness.

Zac appeared in the show’s third season where he he had to raid three girls’ rooms and figured out who he wanted to go on a date with.

Efron found things like a diary, a messy wardrobe, and a pair of red high heels.

Wasn’t exactly the most interesting episode of all time.

5. A gal was super shocked when someone went through her underwear drawer 

Madness! Who could have ever predicted this?

Listen hun, you’re a girl, he’s a lad who wants to root through your stuff on a TV show – he’s going to go straight for the underwear drawer.

It was always going to happen.

6. Someone would just find something really, really strange 

Like an engagement ring.

Or a framed collection of stock images. Or a genuine half eaten jaw breaker that someone just had sat on their desk for no apparent reason.

Why, lads? Just why?

7. A guy tried a girl’s bra on 

Lmao so funny because you don’t have boobs, do it again.

And again.

And again.

And again.