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25th Mar 2018

Remember Paolo from Lizzie McGuire? Here’s what he looks like now

What a dose.

If you were born in the 90s, chances are one of your first heartbreaks came in the form of bad boy Paolo from The Lizzie McGuire Movie whose lies and manipulation crushed the hearts of thousands of young teens as well as our bae, Lizzie.

Yes, the absolute scumbag/Italian popstar ropes Lizzie into his evil plan only to be exposed by our teen icon at the end of the film.

Which, as you’ll remember, is followed by one of the most iconic movie moments in the history of motion pictures.

However, the actor that played Paolo has left that yoke in his past and has moved on to bigger and better things in the 15 years since the movie’s release.

Actor Yani Gellman’s IMDB page reads like a who’s who of our favourite teen drams.

From 90210 to Pretty Little Liars, there are quite a few titles on there that we’d recognise but you might not have known that Yani starred in them.

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Most recently, the 32-year-old actor starred in 47 Metres Down alongside This Is Us star Mandy Moore and The Originals star Claire Holt.

And if his date for the premiere of that movie is anything to go by, it looks like Yani has found a woman who won’t be putting up with any of his possible Paolo-like tendencies.

The actor is rumoured to be dating human rights lawyer Jacqui Kotyk and looked adorable together on the red carpet last year.

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A post shared by Yani Gellman (@yanigellman) on