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05th Jun 2019

5 reasons you need to watch Always Be My Maybe on Netflix this week

I mean, you'd watch it for Keanu Reeves alone.

I’m not here to tell you that Always Be My Maybe will change your life.

But Netflix’s newest rom-com is touching, easy to watch and actually really funny.

It follows Sasha (Ali Wong) and Marus (Randall Park) from their days growing up in San Francisco of the 90s to their separate lives in the present day and their relationship from childhood besties to distant former friends and back again.

Always Be My Maybe has a classic rom-com structure and all of the stereotypes that fans of the genre will expect. The leads’ charisma together is palpable and at its best when they’re at odds. The supporting cast has all of the best lines. The ending will make you smile.

Better than that, the film reflects on themes around growing up, dealing with family and letting go of the past. I don’t think it gives away too much to say that my friend and I shed a tear while watching.

Here are just five of the many reasons you should give it a go this week.


The teenage sex scene

A weird one to highlight, maybe, but it is hilarious and refreshingly accurate in just how awkward it is. It’s also a major turning point, setting up one of the film’s most affecting scenes.


The strong female lead

Sasha is self-sufficient, unwilling to compromise but able to forgive and happy to be alone if that’s what’s best for her. We stan.


Keanu Reeves plays himself

If you enjoy nothing else about this movie, you’ll enjoy the hell out of his scenes.


The belter of a soundtrack

Featuring everything from David Bowie and Alicia Keys to Francis and the Lights and, of course, Mariah Carey.


It’s cheesy as hell

But not in a way that’ll make you want to hide behind your couch.


Always Be My Maybe is streaming on Netflix now.