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13th Jul 2019

QUIZ: How well do you remember Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?

Keeley Ryan

Another week, another time to put your magical knowledge to the test.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix follow the Boy Who Lived as he struggles through his fifth – and, let’s be honest, the most dramatic (so far) – year at Hogwarts.

After returning to Hogwarts to begin his fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter discovers that much of the wizarding world, including the Ministry of Magic, is in denial about Lord Voldemort’s return.

The Order of the Phoenix, a group sworn against Voldemort, is using its vast array of wizards and witches magical abilities to combat Voldemort – but there’s only so much they can do…

Meanwhile, Cornelius Fudge, Minister for Magic, suspects that Dumbledore is using these claims of The Dark Lord’s return as a means to over-throw him as Minister.

And in retaliation, a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher is appointed by the Ministry in order to keep an eye on Hogwarts.

This new teacher, Professor Umbridge, implies strict new teachings and rules. So Harry sets out, with Ron and Hermione, to start up the D.A, Dumbledore’s Army to battle evil forces and prepare the fellow young witches and wizards for the extraordinary journey that lies ahead.

Of course, we haven’t included the biggest moments – because where would be the fun in that?

After putting your knowledge of the first book, the second book, the third book and fourth book to the test, we figured it was time to move on to the Order of the Phoenix. 

12 questions, 12 chances to put your knowledge of the world of witchcraft and wizardry to the test – and no using time turners.

Good luck!