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27th Feb 2021

QUIZ: How well do you know the lyrics to these Disney songs?

Disney fans are, at this point, pretty likely to be familiar with some of the can’t-help-but-get-stuck-in-your-head songs.

We’re talking about, of course, ones like the Lion King’s Hakuna Matata or Aladdin’s A Whole New World — basically, all the ones we’ve been comfort  watching over the last few months.

But how well can you remember the rest of the enchanting tunes?

No matter how many times you may have seen these classics, it’s bound to be a challenge for even the most die-hard of Disney fans.

So, it’s time to put your Disney knowledge to the test and see if you can match these songs to their films.

11 questions, 11 chances to prove that you’re the ultimate Disney fan.