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22nd Apr 2019

The Queen has actually seen The Crown – here’s what she thinks

Anna O'Rourke

We all love a good boxset binge, and it turns out royalty are no different

We know that Kate and Wills like to get a takeaway and watch Game of Thrones or Homeland, but apparently the Queen has been getting in on the action, and her choice of show is perfect.

A senior royal source previously told the Daily Express that she’s watched Netflix’s The Crown and what’s more, she’s a fan.

Her son Prince Edward urged her to watch the series and apparently she’s seen all of the first season.

What’s more, she enjoyed it – but did think that some of it was a little over the top.

“It has been a longstanding arrangement that they drive to Windsor at the weekend to join the Queen for an informal supper while watching TV or a film.

“They have a Netflix account and urged her to watch it with them.

“Happily, she really liked it, although obviously there were some depictions of events that she found too heavily dramatised.”

How weird must it be to watch intimate moments of your life back in a TV series? Good thing she was happy with it.

At least Elizabeth hasn’t got long to wait before the show returns.

Season three of The Crown is expected to land on screens at some stage this year – but we still don’t have an exact date.

It’s been well over a year since season two first started streaming back in December 2017 while we first got to watch season one all the way back in December 2016.

This season will see Olivia Colman lead the news cast in the title role as the series looks at the monarch’s life from 1964 to 1976.

Colman confirmed that principal filming wrapped in February of this year so we’re praying it comes to Netflix sooner rather than later.